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List of Proposals 2016-17

Institution Proposal
Quantum optomechanics with hybrid carbon nanotube resonators
Attosecond spectroscopy of electronic excitation (mid-IR)
Attosecond spectroscopy of electronic excitation (X-rays)
Quantum optics with atoms and photons
Deep Learning in Quantum Physics
Simulating Three-Dimensional Quantum Systems with Trotter-Suzuki Decomposition
Optomechanics in a hybrid Optical/Paul trap
Nano-structured optical surface for self-cleaning, antifinger-print and antimicrobial display screens
Sensing of particles, micro-organisms and biomarkers using the camera of a mobile phone
Nano-structured optical surfaces using ultrathin and two-dimensional materials
Integrated quantum devices
Collective effect in arrays of levitated nanoparticles
Nano-photonics with two-dimensional materials
Analysis of anisotropic planar structures
Attosecond x-ray transient dynamics
Study of plasmon-induced heat generation in a 3D heterogeneous medium
The gravitational Casimir effect in different geometries
Simulating cosmological models in optical lattices
Conditions for anomalous diffusion of a Brownian particle coupled to a microstructured environment
Dynamic behavior of semiconductor lasers
High resolution Time-to-Digital Converter (TDC) circuit implemented on FPGA for high resolution Lidar imaging
A/D conversion in long range lidar imaging
Construction and characterization of tissue phantoms
Development of a multihit ladar imaging camera system
Prototyping and characterizing a reflection PhotoAcoustic Microscope
Point-and-shoot microvibrometry for biological applications
Development of a liquid pixel based on reflective nanoparticles manipulation
Development of a new technology to build chirp colloidal crystals
Light scattering by ordered and semiordered nanoparticle layers
Evaluation of human binocular function with an eye-tracker
Polarization-sensitive LIDAR at UPC
Generation of ultra-high optical pulses on demand
Phase patterns for Intraocular lenses (IOLs) displayed on LCoS device
Ultra short laser pulse characterization device based on disordered nonlinear crystals
Coherent free-space optical link terminal
Computational Techniques for LED Optical Microcavities
Optimizing Photo-Conversion in high-brightness LED emitters
Nokia Bell Labs internship in statistical inference applied to ultra-high speed fiber optic communications
Development of a highly sensitive optical receiver based on a large area PIN-diode detector for a data rate up to 1Mbps
Beam combining of edge emitting semiconductor lasers for industrial applications
Clinical validation of a fast binocular subjective refraction algorithm
Excitations of a 1D Bose-Gas: exact diagonalisation and sumrules study
Reflection and refraction of matter waves in two-component Bose-Einstein condensates
Chiral Quantum Optics with Three-Level Atoms
IRIS Foreign body detection in processed meat by means of NIR spectroscopy
CSIC Optical Characterization of Plasmons Propagating along Magnetic/Ferroelectric Interfaces
Optical metrology noise reduction techniques for space-based gravitational wave detectors
Optomechanical resonators for temperature sensing in space-based gravitational wave detectors
Ferroelectric materials for photovoltaics
Photo-writing in ferroelectric green memory devices
Enhancing light harvesting in organic photovoltaics by photonic nanostructures
Enhanced Optical Absorption of Germanium Thin Films by Excitation of Multiple Photonic Resonances
Stretchable Organic Semiconductor Devices
Light-actuated microfluidics