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List of Proposals 2017-18 (updated 28-nov-2017)

Institution Proposal
Nano-photonic graphene-based infrared photodetectors
Chip-integrated spectrometer with graphene-based photodetectors
Time-correlated photon counting for a single-atom experiment
Simulation of magnetic phase transitions and spontaneous symmetry breaking in a spinor Bose-Einstein condensate
Atomic clock and high-power light source for laser trapping and cooling of atoms
High-resolution imaging for liquid droplets in a mixture of Bose-Einstein condensates
Nano-structured optical surfaces for antireflective and superhidrophobic properties
Integrated quantum photonics
Nano-structured optical surface and ultrathin materials (metals and graphene) for display screens
Nano-structured optical surfaces for antireflective and superhidrophobic properties
X-ray holography as a tool for nanoscale X-ray spectroscopy
A bright and pure photon source: Strong coupling of a single molecule to a plasmonic nano-antenna cavity
Application of a quantum random number generator to simulations in condense matter physics
Calibration of a lidar imaging camera system
Data fusion of lidar and RGB cameras
Ego-motion compensated lidar imaging
Management of point clouds with open-source libraries
Point-and-shoot microvibrometry for biological applications
Validation of AERONET radiative fluxes with satellite measurements
Analysis of aerosol hygroscopic growth by using lidar measurements
Wavelength management in UD-WDM-PON access networks
Graphene-based Multimode Interference Device Design for Optical Switching Applications
Photonics Integrated Circuits for ≥5G Mobile Communications
Graphene-Based Fiber Laser (with Potential Company Grant)
Generation of high optical pulses by small controlled perturbations
Improving diagnosis of skin cancer through visible and infrared spectral imaging systems
Measuring light with images in intraocular lens testing on optical bench
Photonic Correlation Radiometers
Microwave photonic techniques for 5G mobile networks
Microwave photonic antenna beam steering
Semiconductor Lasers, PT-symmetry, Non-Hermiticity
3D and multispectral imaging technology to aid in the diagnosis of skin cancer
Direct fiber-coupling of VCSELs through a radial PT-Symmetric pump
Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) experiments design
Nanomaterials for photocatalytic applications
Work distributions in a driven quantum systems
Development of zinc oxide with silicon technology for green and efficient photovoltaic applications
Transfer of vortex states between two coupled atomtronic circuits
Two-component Bose Einstein condensates in coupled ring potentials
ASE Construction and calibration of a spectrometer for industrial optical coherence tomography