Bruno Julia

Bruno Juliá

Bruno Juliá-Díaz is a Ramon y Cajal researcher at the Department of Quantum Physics and Astrophysics of the University of Barcelona since 2012, and a visiting scientist of the ICFO since 2013. After completing his degree in physics in the University of Sevilla (1998), he obtained his PhD degree, with extraordinary award, from the University of Salamanca in 2003. After completing his PhD he was appointed as researcher at the University of Helsinki (2004), as postdoctoral researcher at the CEA/Saclay (France) and research associate in the University of Pittsburgh (2005). In 2006 he got a Juan de la Cierva fellowship at the University of Barcelona. In 2010 was appointed research associate at ICFO in the group of Maciej Lewenstein. His research ranges from nuclear and hadronic physics to ultracold gases and quantum many-body physics. He has authored 69 peer reviewed articles which have been cited 1151 times. He has cosupervised 3 PhD thesis and is currently supervising 2 more, 4 master thesis and 4 final degree thesis. He has coauthored a textbook on first year calculus "Anàlisi matemàtica d'una variable" (UB 2011) and recently wrote a science popularisation book "El frio absoluto" (RBA 2016).