David Maluenda

He received his PhD at Universitat de Barcelona, with Cum Laude mention, on the development of computational and experimental methods for the holographic synthesis of non-homogenous 3D-polarization laser beams. The Optical Society of America awarded him with the second "Best Student Paper" prize in June 2013. In addition, he worked on surface plasmon resonance of metallic nano-particles under exotic illuminations conditions. He followed his studies with a postdoc on highly focused, partially coherent and partially polarized fields in the Laser Beams department at the Univesidad Complutense de Madrid. He completed a second postdoc at the BioComputing Unit of CNB-CSIC on image processing intended for electron microscopy. Currently, he is a Lecturer Professor in the Applied Physics department (UB) teaching optics and image processing. His research is focused on both, highly focused light beams with 3D polarization and machine learning applied to image processing.