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Professor's name, role and e-mail address

Prof. Ramon Vilaseca, Director of the Master

Dr. Crina Cojocaru, Co-director of the Master


Dr. Meritxell Vilaseca, Coordinator UPC

Dr. Jordi Mompart, Coordinator UAB

Dr. Salvador Bosch, Coordinator UB

Dr. David Artigas, Coordinator ICFO

Main contact

For application, registrations and administrative questions, please contact:

Master's secretary, Ms. Cindrela Sambró

Phone: +34 934016750

For information and advice concerning the master program, course contents, timetable and related questions, please contact:

Master's study advisor, Dr. Crina Cojocaru, Dr. Crina Cojocaru (UPC Coordinator)

Phone: +34 937398571

Additional contact points

Secretary of Barcelona School of Telecommunications Engineering - ETSETB (for student's registration only)

Tel +34 934016750
Edifici B3 - Planta 0 Despatx 001
Campus Nord Jordi Girona, 31, 08034 Barcelona

UPC International and Corporate Relations Bureau
UAB MSc International Office
UB MSc International Office