List of Proposals 2023-24

Institution Proposal
Photonic neural network inference calculation using SPAD arrays
Light-induced photo-oxidation of lipid membranes: mechanisms and effects
Charge sensing for nano-electromechanical quantum simulator
High-dimensional spatial entanglement distribution using custom-made optical fibres
Enabling live cell nanoscopy imaging of individual molecules under mechanical forces
Using state-of-the-art fluorescence microscopy techniques to study the mechanobiology of the secretory pathway
Light-matter entanglement for hybrid quantum networks
Fiber-integrated on-demand solid-state quantum memory for quantum networks
Two-dimensional arrays of solid-state quantum memories
3D imaging by pulsed light interference and machine learning techniques
Stabilization of phase and polarization in multiplexed entangled states through multi-channels optical fibre arrays
Deciphering the mechanics of biomolecular condensates
Measuring the frictional force of biomolecular condensates with microtubule cytoskeleton
A laser system to address the clock transition of strontium atoms in an optical lattice
Detection model for a long-range LIDAR targeting small and agile targets
Photonics, image processing and deep learning for precision agriculture: pest control
Wavelength and position dependent light localization and enhancement in photonic structures
Machine vision and deep learning for the automatic characterization of vegetation
Development of a Digital Twin of a LIDAR sensor for multimodal AI dataset generation
Smart FOV LIDAR based on MEMS scanner technology
Asymmetric non-Hermitian polarizers
Non-Hermitian all-optical mode-cleaning in fibers
PT-Symmetric arrays of Edge Emitting Lasers
Design of LIDAR (Laser Imaging, Detection, And Ranging) for future Autonomous Vehicles
Machine learning for subjective refraction prediction from accommodative response data
Improvement in the processing of aberrometric measurements of a Hartmann-Shack sensor for accommodation estimation
Light guiding with ultrasonic sculpted waves
Tracking of active diffusion swimmers using light-sheet microscopy
Optomechanical photonic crystal cavities based on silicon-on-insulator nanopillars
Live-cell optical microscopy: study, optical characterization and validation of different microscopy arquitectures for parallel super-resolution microscopy using Laguerre-Gaussian (donut) beams
Design and implementation of a telescope for quantum communications
The Programmable Array Microscope: study of illumination and filtering strategies for optimally trading off speed and confocality
STED beam generation: structured illumination via doble pass of single spatial light modulator
Spatial dispersion in crystal: an experimental study
Inkjet printed matrices of LEDs and image sensors with perovskite materials
Quantum simulators and Hamiltonian complexity
U. Murcia
Characterization and Manipulation of Photon Bunching for Biomedical Applications
Pound-Drever-Hall characterization for ultra-stable temperature measurements
Effects of uniaxial stress on filamentation in broad area laser diodes
Chromatic depth encoded microscopy for 3D surface measurement
Development of a dimensional metrology diagnostic for the lithium target of the IFMIF-DONES facility