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Seminar announcement (Feb 19th): "Laser safety" by Josep Maria Silvestre, Rocio García, ProCare Light Company

Sectors like industry, research, medical and others are using lasers for many different applications. Laser technology involves some risks that must be taken into account to ensure the safety of people involved. At this seminar the main risks of lasers will be reviewed as well as some practical ways to minimise them to avoid accidents.

On Wednesday, February 19th, Josep Maria Silvestre and Rocio García (former students of our Master in Photonics), from the  ProCare Light Company, will give a seminar about Laser Safety.

Students' attendance to this seminar is mandatory since it addresses the main safety rules needed if you are planning to work in any laboratory of company using laser systems. Please block the slot in your agenda and make sure you can attend.

Title: "Laser Safety"
Speakers: Josep Maria Silvestre, Rocio García, ProCare Light Company
Date: Wednesday, February 19th 2020
Hour: 10.00 h
Place: room A3-101, UPC - Campus Nord