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Seminar on color science in digital printing (Oct, 25th) SAVE THE DATE!

We invite to participate to the first seminar organized in our Master Program. It is organized by prof. Meritxell Vilaseca in the framework of the elective course "Active and Spectral Imaging", but of course it is open for all students. We remind you that these seminars are part of the academic program of the Master and we strongly recommend you to participate.

Speaker: Joan Uroz (Hewlett Packard Printing and Computing Solutions)

Title: "Applications of color science in digital printing"

Date: Wednesday, October 25th, 2017

Hour: 11.00 - 13.00h

Place: room N07P, Facultad de Física, UB, Campus Diagonal

Abstract: Color Science is a modern discipline, still lacking of the support of an official degree in many universities today, but very interesting to several kinds of industries all over the world. In this talk, Joan Uroz will explain where color scientists can do a great job in the development of inkjet printing systems, and what are the main challenges they have to face.