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Spanish candidates for The Quantum Future Academy (QFA): Berlin, 1-7 November 2020

Spanish candidates for The Quantum Future Academy (QFA): Berlin, 1-7 November 2020

The Spanish Network on Quantum Information and Quantum Technologies (RITCE), with support from ICFO, Unizar and CSIC, is coordinating the selection of Spanish participants to The Quantum Future Academy (QFA). The Quantum Future Academy is an European-wide, one-week school on quantum technologies offering training and networking activities. It will take place in Berlin, 1-7 November, 2020. Each European country will select 2-3 talented students who are motivated to study quantum technologies to participate.


    * Promote young European talents in quantum technologies (QT)

    * Establish a strong Quantum Community in Europe

    * Bring together students from natural sciences and engineering

    * Training and insights in quantum technology, theory and practice!

    * Strengthening networks of students, science, industry and start-ups

    * Provide students with QT-related career perspectives and options

    * Have fun together!


This event is aimed at students in the last year of their degree or who are currently working on their master’s studies *in Spain*. Candidates must be fluent in English, as that will be the language of the meeting in the Quantum Future Academy in Berlin. It is open to Students from Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Engineering or any other technical or non-technical specialties, who are motivated to learn and contribute to the world of Quantum Technologies


Students can submit their applications via the web page of the Spanish branch, Deadline for applications is June 19, 2020. After this date, a committee will select a small number of profiles. We will then organize an open online workshop where the selected students will introduce themselves, defend their candidacy and answer questions from the jury. Out of all students that participate in the online workshop, two students will be selected to attend the event at Berlin, in November.