The Master in Photonics "Photonics BCN" offers a training of excellence block in Quantum Optics

May 09, 2024

Quantum physics and technology cover a wide range of applications and disciplines to develop new devices, systems and protocols, based on the principles of subatomic physics, a world in which the behavior of matter is radically different and that opens up unlimited opportunities. Some aplications are already present in our daily life, as lasers, transistors imbeded in electronic devices or GPS systems. Other are yet at the basic research level but will certanelly lead to a paradigm shift, with much powerful computers, faster and more secure communications with cryptographic encoding. The Master in Photonics "Photonics BCN"( coordinated by UPC) offers a training of excellence block in Quantum Optics, shared with the Master in Quantum Science and Technology (coordinated by UB), with the participation of many world recognized researchers who are working on the development of these technologies in four different institutions: UPC, UB, UAB and ICFO.

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