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List of Proposals 2019-20

Institution Proposal
Frontiers of Attosecond science, quantum simulations and many body physics
Multicolor single molecule localization microscopy to monitor the organization of the Golgi complex
Software analysis algorithms to reconstruct the nanoscale complexity of focal adhesions
Single photons from two-dimensional materials
Cavity quantum electrodynamics with nano-cavities
Hyperfocusing infrared light on a graphene pn junction for sensitive photodetection
Optical characterisation of thin films for studying ultrafast light-matter interactions
Experiments in atom/photon interactions
Identifying molecular isomers using a molecular-scale electron microscope
Frontiers of quantum information science, quantum simulations and many body physics
Neuroimaging toolbox for near-infrared, diffuse optical spectroscopy with laser speckle fluctuations
What is the normal cerebrovascular reactivity on healthy, young population?
Structured Illumination localization microscopy at lowest photon budget
Frontiers of machine learning, quantum simulations and many body physics
Smart iterative learning control of resonant electrostatic-based MEMS mirror
Evaluation of imaging conditions through foggy scenes for obstacle recognition
Multi-capture 3D camera calibration for data fusion in autonomous driving
Study on the effects of fogging on accommodation during the refraction process
Improvement of a system to measure the tear film stability
Image processing of a system to measure the tear film stability
Atmospheric aerosol radiative transfer modelling: development of an efficient tool to speed up aerosol forcing calculations
Automatic data inversion platform for near-real time lidar retrievals
Dynamic tuning of transmitter lasers in fiber access networks
LIDAR (laser radar) remote sensing: Application to the off-shore wind energy
Enhancement of absorption and nonlinearities in nanostructures
Dynamical symmetry in quantum and classical systems
Quantum particles in fractal geometry
Multispectral imaging and machine learning for biomedical applications
Assessment of a fluorescence lidar for the measurement of pollen in the atmosphere
Programmable laser microscope based on acousto-optic modulation
Nanomaterials for photocatalytic applications
Nanomaterials for piezoelectric energy harvesting
Photoluminescence properties of ZnO/graphene nanomaterials
Entangled photon apparatus for quantum technology popularisation
Vortex dynamics in Bose-Hubbard rings
Dynamics and quantum correlations in one-dimensional Bose systems
Coherent control of a superconducting qubit
Machine Learning for Quantum Error Correction Codes
Development of a light-based system for fruit & vegetable decontamination
Simulation and development of hyperspectral imaging illumination systems
From lab to pilot plant, a monitoring LIBS (Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy) system development and validation
Characterization and further development of an innovative device for wine bottle inspection
Optical properties of broad area diode lasers (BAL) – the role of the assembly conditions
Nanophotonic paper for the next generation of point-of-care devices
Design, fabrication and characterization of all-dielectric photonic architectures
Chemical nanoparticle lithography for the fabrication of plasmonic arrays using colloidally synthetized building blocks
White light interferometry for surface characterisation: a study of mechanical tolerances to surface reconstruction accuracy