List of Proposals 2022-23

Institution Proposal
Molecular structural imaging with single-electron diffraction
Tracking ultrafast energy flow on the nanoscale
Design and characterization of a FPGA-based sub-nanosecond resolution time-tagger for Quantum Key Distribution experiments
Light to charge: photo-current detection of excited state energy flow
Quantum photonics with individual atoms and entangled photons
Single-domain Bose-Einstein Condensate
Atomic quantum sensing
Variational Quantum Simulations of quantum many-body systems
Active control of entangled photon states through machine learning assisted protocols
Experimental control of high-dimensional entanglement for multicore fibre-based QKD
Exploring supersolidity in a spin-orbit coupled mixture of potassium Bose-Einstein condensates
A new experimental apparatus for quantum simulation and computing with arrays of trapped Rydberg atoms
Characterization and transverse laser cooling of a strontium atomic source
High-dimensional spatial entanglement distribution using custom-made optical fibres
Quantum imaging in the SWIR region using a single pixel camera
Compact particle size analyser enhanced by machine learning and quantum imaging techniques
Software and hardware architecture for the construction of data collection vehicle
Design, development and validation of a novel Static Fourier Transform Spectrometer based on the Extra Large Telescope M1 Local Coherencer
Modelling of image formation through turbid media
Conceptual design of an underwater lidar system
Radar+lidar data fusion for Autonomous vehicles in turbid media using deep neural networks
Industry challenge: Advanced 3D Perception based on 2D Projection and Sensor Fusion for Autonomous Vehicles
Development of eye tracking systems for medical diagnosis
Simultaneous amplitude and phase modulation of broadband lasers
Asymmetric non-Hermitian polarizers
Design of LIDAR (Laser Imaging, Detection, And Ranging) for future Autonomous Vehicles
Dynamic tuning of transmitter lasers in fiber access networks
Novel optical packaging of silicon photonics emitter to optimize streetlight visual comfort
Machine learning strategies to automatically identify surface plasmons in electron energy loss spectra
Encoded illumination for high-speed optical microscopy
Super-resolution structured illumination microscopy at extra large fields of view
Live-cell optical nanoscopy: production, optical characterization and validation of Laguerre-Gaussian (donut) beams for parallel super-resolution microscopy
Experimental characterization of interacting pairs of chip-integrated optomechanical cavities
Polarimetric imaging for visibility and detection enhancement utilizing active polarized illumination
Experimental characterization of magneto-optical resonators
Estimation of the longitudinal component of tightly focused beams using deep learning models
Illustrating the electromagnetic fields at interfaces
Quantum light in topological photonic lattices
Building plasmonic crystals from plasmonic metamolecules
Effects of uniaxial stress on filamentation in broad area laser diodes
Phase diffusion quantum entropy source using integrated DBR lasers
Comparison of simulated and characterised optical performance in precision optical systems: experimental focus
Comparison of simulated and characterised optical performance in precision optical systems: simulation and analysis focus